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Michael L. Dado is the Coos County Land Agent and Coos County Surveyor.

The Coos County Land Agent works at the direction of the Coos County Board of Commissioners to deal with issues involving County owned lands, Mineral Rights and Leases. The Land Agent works in conjunction with the Tax Department to notify property owners that are in the foreclosure process.  We visit each property and give notice to occupants of what procedures are taking place and how to remedy it, provided that is an option for the property owner.   We take possession of County Foreclosed properties on the due date and those properties are then deeded to the County, Occupants are then removed, preferably without force.  Our office catalogues, cleans and prepares these properties to sell at the County's Annual Land Sale Auction in the Spring. These tax foreclosure properties are due to unpaid taxes only.  

If you need to inquire about your taxes or how much is needed to remove your property from the foreclosure process, you will need to contact the Coos County Tax Department.  They will have the up to date information for you, since those numbers change daily.  The Land Agent office does not take payments for unpaid taxes, nor do we rent properties once they have been foreclosed upon and deeded to the County.  If your property goes through the tax foreclosure process, please feel free to call our office with your questions. Property owners have until 5pm on the due date to pay the amount owed(ask Tax Dept for $ amount), otherwise they will need to vacate the premises with their belongings, as it now belongs to the County and they will be trespassing.   

**Removal of  personal belongings and cleanup of properties will start shortly after the County takes possession of the property.  Please make sure to take with you all important documents, sentimental items and especially items of value.

Thank you!

***Other auctions of various properties and reasons take place throughout the year, the Sheriff's office holds these auctions on the Courthouse steps, you will need to contact that office for more information.  

Land Agent Assistant

Dezeri Royce

Dezeri was born and raised here in Coos County, leaving after graduation to serve her Country in the Navy.  She returned after her military career to start a family.  She has two kids and loves living here on the beautiful Oregon Coast.  Dezeri truly enjoys working with the public and meeting new people, when you call our office, she is that kind, friendly voice you hear ready to assist you.  She is the Business Administrator for the Surveyors office as well, which keeps our office running smoothly, full of fun and laughter.  She looks forward to helping you with your questions or needs.

We deed properties in September for Tax

Foreclosure.  We hold our auction in

the Spring of the following year, we will 

publish those dates as they get closer. 

* We have 2 properties that did not sell at our auction May 18th (see below for which lots and full list for information/location). If you are interested in any of these properties, please contact our office 

2019 FULL Coos County Land Sale List

* If you would like to place a bid for one of these properties,  You can email it to us or come by our office with a written bid.  We will present that bid to the Commissioners and get back to you.

Parcel #12

Parcel #13



Land Agent Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Closed for lunch 12-1pm and all major holidays.


Tax Foreclosure Auctions in other Oregon Counties:

Linn County Auction- August 29th 2019, see Linn County website for more information.  

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Marion County Auction-September 10th, see Marion County website for more information.

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Land Sale Research Guidelines and Resources:

Research Guidelines Info







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